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Welcome To My Website

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to creating my own website.

Since the success of the film and my entry into the world of disability activism, I've needed an online hub where I can talk about the issues that are important to me, as well as acknowledge some of the wonderful people and organisations I've had the pleasure of meeting in the past few years. It's also a space where I can exhibit the news articles I've contributed to and the TV programmes that I've appeared on. Plus, if I do any more acting (like the Shell spot), you'll be able to watch it here.

I'm also, dare I say it, excited to have this blog space. For a while now I've been flipping between Facebook and Twitter, and neither are suitable for writing anything longer than a paragraph. But by the power of Greyskull, I'll finally be able to express my innermost verboseness, unhampered by peer pressure or word-count. Who knows, if I become proficient at this blogging lark, it might even become a regular occurrence.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to having a platform where I can comment on current affairs and issues that, in particular, affect the disabled community. As one of the most marginalised groups in our society, I feel some responsibility to exploit whatever tools I have at my disposal to fight our corner. If anything, I've realised I can add some value to the cause. But I can't rest on my laurels, or in this case, the success of one online film - I have to view it as a launch pad, not a destination.

So, what next? Well, this website represents something important to me. Sure, it's a little bit ego driven. But it's actually more than just a vanity project. I'm an individual, working from home, not bound by the structures and systems of the workplace, which means it's easy to get knocked off course and de-motivated. As such, this website will help me to carve out my own brand identity as disability activist and media spokesperson, while also serving as a reminder to myself of what I've accomplished and what I want to achieve.

Lastly, as someone who enjoys the writing process, I hope I'm able to get things down that you enjoy reading.



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